Posted: April, 2019 byPETERKING78
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Not my first, and for sure not my last !

It’s difficult not to be struck by her natural facial beauty, fantastic body. She is a bright & accomplished woman, who is well traveled and well read.
Lee is a very special woman with several unique qualities.
Her absolute honesty & integrity are of such a high quality. Kind hearted woman, mind ,body & Soul.
Her longevity in the business, well established & she works from the same convenient location by all the major highways for years, beautiful condo, safe, clean, free parking. Pictures are identical to her.

Her visits are hot and steamy. Will return Over & Over again.!!!!

Posted: March, 2015 by 1640
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Well First of all, I have not seen Lee in a long time, due to personal reasons. I am so happy I returned. I saw her new pictures and New website as the old one has changed, so I found her on Back Page and , had to go once again and even better than last visit. This lady gets better with age. I also loved the fact that she is still at the same address. This speaks volumes to me.

Posted: August, 2009 bySP4ME
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Saw her ad and had to call. Love a more mature woman with a great body? Lee is for you. As I left the elevator and turned down the hall I saw her standing with her door open ready to receive me. And receive me she did. Her apartment is cozy, clean and very comfortable. After a short chat to get to know each other she led me to her bedroom where she undressed before me revealing a svelte, toned, totally hot body that has seen sun on every surface. I could not undress quickly enough as I imagined what it was going to be like to explore that body. Great breasts - every bit a firm, full 36C; her whole body is toned and in great shape, perfectly suited and made for sex. She provides a truly memorable in call, and has the looks, posture and personality that make her an ideal dinner date as well. The total package. Anyway....

Posted: April, 2018 byCHARLESSTANLEY
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9 - Model material
9 - Forgot it was a service
So Wonderful
Session Location
Etobicoke Toronto
General Details
*Wow this lady was the one and only for me that clicked with me and hit the spot. Just spectacular
*Saw her pictures many times and I am so happy I went. To be clear, she is 100% just like her pictures. I was so surprised with her unreal beauty, and natural beauty as she had no make up at all on, and really nice skin. She told me on the phone, she would be right out of the shower when I got there , She told me she likes to be very natural, I agreed to be herself.
*She looks no more than 50 yrs old, with a body like a 30 year old
*Wow she is really hot. But she was so nice and really down to earth that really impressed me, She is so deep and you can see she really care's for people. She is a real decent nice lady.
*I have seen many escorts, and Lee has one of the most fantastic body with huge nipples. Way on the upper end of the Spectra. She is a true First Class Old School upscale lady. Her attitude is so willing to please. She works hard to please and really loves her work.
*I will go back to Lee many more times. I have found my special lady.
*I think I am in Love. She is a keeper all the way.
The Juicy Details
*Found Lee on Red zone this week. Called her and I have seen her pictures for years, but she was always booked and I got lucky to see her.
*Now I see why she is so busy. She only takes calls. She make it clear no text.
*This woman honestly opened the door with a warm big Hug. She for real was wet out of the shower and her skin on her face had a fresh glow. she was wearing a sexy underwear and bra set and it really showed her great form. WOW this body is something else. she is really model materiel. She is ever bit like her website. *Unreal how hot this lady really is in real life.
*But with her looks, She was so kind and gentle and made me feel so welcome. She is very smart and super intelligent. Quite a well rounded woman. She travels a lot for mature model jobs and she showed me many pictures. She is something special.Looking at her latest photo shoots, well this was part of the tease. I really enjoyed it.
*After talking a short while, she grabbed my hand and said. well its time we move to get sexy and she talked dirty in my ear. My dick was hard on the spot. We got undressed and watching her undress with her panties and bra, was like a dream in my own special show.
*That body from head to toe, was so amazing. My dick was in for something I dream about with ladies like this.
*I laid on the bed and she rubbed me all over with her tanned soft skin and her big nipples on my chest. I am going nuts now.
*She went straight down and licked my balls for a long tease. She kept looking up at me when licking my dick. Her beautiful face looking with eye contact. Drove me nuts and hard now writing this.
*Wow know her hot mouth on my dick. she licked and sucked like a woman who really loves it and boy does she know what she is doing. She is an artist at this. BBBj and for a very long time. She wanted to tease and please me like no other. I had to hold back. I can tell you she is good. She let me lick her oh so sexy pussy and it was so wet and natural and really for me. she also kissed me with her tongue and she is a great kisser. Back for more and the very best BBBJ, I almost let go, but no way. I was going not be inside her. She talks so dirty and I loved it.
*Now she sits on me with condom of course. Wow her pussy is so bloody tight. she was squeezing my dick with her pussy. Muscle control to the max. This woman is sex machine. surprise after surprise. Tight wet hot pussy and she started to really get wet like crazy, and her moaning turned me right nuts. She was for real in to it. No way could she be this wet. he pussy tastes so great and beautiful clean fresh smell the way a woman should be.
*Well after a long and wet hot BBBj and tons of teasing and her on top looking at that beautiful skin and face and long hair, I asked her to do doggy. I could not hold on much more. She said dirty to me.My favourite way. She is very fit and moves like a cat. She bent over the bed and we could watch in the mirror. What a tight pussy and great lay. She wanted my hands on her waist and she just loved it. We went at it hard for about a few more minutes and I had to let go. It was one of the very best experiences I have ever had in a very long time with any escort.
*I loved her honest way and such a deep nice true blue personally.
*She make me feel so special, and make me feel more than welcome and the entire visit was truly amazing.Lee will be my girl for a long time . Will repeat many times. Hope she will have me. Great gal. Love classy mature ladies that love what they do and old school Class.

Posted: July, 2014 byTOM1PHILLIP
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I am tired of unsafe young girls who who do not know how to be sexy. Lee is very attractive and keeps herself in great shape. I wish you were VIP so you could read on about this one. I would highly recommend to my fellow older gents.

Posted: May, 2013 by1640
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Well saw the ad on Backpage. I have seen this lady for years on ads, but finally made the plunge. Her voice is husky and sexy. I went to her condo in Etobicoke and when she opened the door WOW.

Posted: September, 2017 byJOHNRICKO
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Well Saw Lee again after several times. Lee is a very established lady and I love this about her. Like others have said , She has been at the same condo and phone number for years and this shows me what a fantastic business woman she is. And she is at that.
She also is Dutch background and so sexy, as I love the natural beauty. She always answers the door in a sexy surprise and wet out of the shower with that fresh smell. Never make-up, but some soft lip gloss, and that radiant glow. She really is so beautiful like her photo's
Her skin is so even and soft . Flat stomach, natural breasts with extra long nipples. She has it all going on. I have been to Holland and these woman are true gems.
I must say one of the best SP bodies I have seen in years. I would guess about early 50's and takes great care of herself

independent escort Toronto



Posted: April, 2019 byANFIELDARN
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I found Lee through P411 and she looked gorgeous. The screening was easy and I was able to connect with her through snapchat for a small fee and we had some naughty conversation the day before. The communication was easy and prompt and i walk into her room for a lazy afternoon session.

Posted: July, 2010 byBILLYDOG
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General Details
I saw her ad on backpage

and when I called her she asked me to look at her ad city vibe. She has an apartment near the Toronto Airport. WONDERFUL PRIVATE CONDO Right off all the Major HwysNear the AIrport AREA. The place is clean and looks lived in. On entering her apartment, I gave her a bottle of red wine which she opened and we had a glass as we got to know each other. She is older but that was in her ads. She could be 50 but she claims to be 40 … it doesn’t matter as she is an attractive woman who is in good shape except for the sun browned skin … she must love the sun. She is a real 36C and her body is toned like an amazon. We moved into the bedroom VIP read on but for the non-Vip’s … this is a fine MILF !!

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